3D Printing for Beginners Workshop in Singapore

Date:            Check with us on the next available dates for the training class. We host regular classes.
Time:           4 hours to 4.5 hours
Fee:             S$ 130 per person 
Class size:   8 to 10 paxs (max) 
Suitable Age:  10 years onwards
Venue:        114 Lavender Street, #01-50 CT Hub 2, Singapore 338729


Want to get hands on with our 3D Printers but have no experience? Then this class is for you!
The popularity and awareness of 3D Printing is exploding. It is breaking down barriers in design and manufacturing, and making what was previously impossible, possible for anyone. All you need is just a basic understanding of the technology. 3D Printing Studios has trained closed to 3000 people through this course and we constantly write and update our own materials to offer the latest in 3D Printing.
In this class we'll give you that basic understanding by putting some 3D printers into action. We will provide an insight to the 3D world, and walk you through some basic 3D modelling that we will print in studio, FREE of charge; everything is included in the training fee. You'll gain exposure to the main facets of 3D Printing including: 3D Scanning, 3D Modelling, Preparing the file for print, 3D Printing and 3D Pen. You also walk away with a Certificate of Attendance from 3D Prinitng Studios.
Designers, Engineers, Technologists, Entrepreneurs, Hackers and Hobbyists: this class is suitable for both novices and those more experienced with technology. Anyone with an interest in 3D printing who wants to learn, should come along!


The basics answered:
  1. What is 3D Printing?
  2. What are the different types of technologies in 3D Printing?                                                                                                                            
  3. How does a 3D-printer work?
  4. What are the different types of printers?    
  5. What materials you can use?                                                                                                                                                                         
  6. What can I print with a 3D-printer? 
  7. Is it expensive to use a 3D Printer? 

Plus many other FAQs.
A working knowledge of 3D Scanning for reverse engineering. How to 3D design your own simple 3D object from scratch. How to initialize and set up a 3D Printer with basic settings. 
Prerequisites and Preparation:
Bring your own laptop computer (a laptop mouse is helpful, but optional) 
Contact us at +65 6635 2265 or Singapore@3DPrintingStudios.com if you have any questions.